Well... that's a unique... logo?

Patrick Kollitsch  | Friday, October 29, 2021 at 7:47 pm
The greatest logo of them all
The greatest logo of them all

I had a weird reaction (“well… that’s a unique logo?") to my really great weblog logo above recently, so I thought I might as well explain it.

  1. Star Trek tops Star Wars (don’t even start discussing this)
  2. I am a wizard (I have people on record saying that about me)
  3. I am a dog person (cats suck, they want to take over the world and dominate us, wake up!)
  4. I like to research things, dive into details, find out why things are how they are (and you might too)
  5. I was born in Germany and lived there for a little bit over 29 years of my life
  6. I now live and work on an island (for 16+ years)
  7. … in Thailand (we might go into depth about that in a later post)
  8. I work with computers (obviously)
  9. Issac Asimov rules!!!11One (if you need further information please refer to logo part 4)
  10. I create code
  11. It’s always a work in progress

That’s it. Questions?

Sidenote: My first attempt at a kollitsch.de-logo was <kollitsch.de/> which everyone who codes for the web understands. This was merely immediately thwarted by my developer friend Somrat who pointed out a distinctive similarity to his own logo. Which I couldn’t let stand 😉

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Photo by Ave Calvar via Unsplash
Photo by Ave Calvar via Unsplash

(Another) new beginning

Hello again, Internet! You might not know me, but you probably already somewhere came across my work or myself if you ended up here. My name is Patrick (born 1975). I am a German, living on Koh Samui in Thailand and I am a web worker.

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Hyper shell
Hyper shell
  • Patrick Kollitsch
  • Tuesday, November 16, 2021 at 7:52 pm

    Hyper Shell

    There is nothing, you can’t do with Electron, apparently. Newest proof is Hyper, a shell inside of Electron (you read that right). Developed by Vercel, the app is theme-able and extensible by plugins, like any other Electron app. It doesn’t look though like any init scripts like .

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