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Music to Program to, Part 8

“Flow State” by Above & Beyond is ideal for enhancing concentration and workflow. The album’s ambient compositions and neo-classical soundscapes create a serene and non-intrusive background, conducive to entering a state of deep focus, often referred to as the “flow state” in programming and other cognitive-intensive tasks.

Music to program to (Part 6)

A song written for David Lynch’s Twin Peaks revival, but ultimately denied by Lynch. He asked for something different and received a very well fitting She’s gone away which lead into the probably greatest episode of TV of all time.

Music to program to (Part 4)

Ólafur Arnalds remix of Rammstein’s “Zeit” is something perfect. His own notes about this from Facebook: When I was 15 years old Rammstein came to Reykjavík. This was going to be one of the biggest shows in Icelandic history. Me and my friends went and headbanged our teenage hearts out.

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