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Refactoring Gohugo Aliases

Refactoring Gohugo Aliases

GoHugo’s documentation recently started to show functions and methods with their “real” name, instead of the alias used in the GoHugo codebase. Did you for instance knew that apply is actually collections.Apply and append is collections.Append? Knowing these exact names seems to be important to me, because I think it’s easier to understand what functions are connected and what features are available.

Photo by Shubh karman Singh via Unsplash

Refactoring my screenshot script

My go-to-script to create a screenshot as header images of posts about a website was for a long time this: js COPY 1const { chromium } = require('playwright'); 2(async () => { 3let browser = await chromium.launch(); 4 let page = await browser.

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