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Showing the Current Breakpoint for Bootstrap

Showing the Current Breakpoint for Bootstrap

The problem: I am refining the display of certain sections of my website and I need to know what exact break point is userd currently by Bootstrap. I am using the latest Bootstrap version. The solution: I created a shortcode or partial that I can use in my templates to display the current breakpoint.

Carefully implemented forms

Reusable Gohugo Forms via Configuration

A while back (pre-COVID-19 era), I had the idea to create a GoHugo module that would allow me to create forms via configuration files. I also wanted to easily translate the form into different languages. I sketched out a solution but never got around to implementing it.

Photo by Joanna Kosinska via Unsplash

Hugo Shortcode: Taglist

I needed a Hugo shortcode to show a list of posts that belonged to a certain</a

tag, which is quite easy. Add the following to layouts/shortcodes/taglist.html or whatever name you like to use for the shortcode.

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