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Photo by Mohammad Rahmani via Unsplash

Automatically load workspace when starting VSCode

Workspaces are a great feature in VSCode. But they have their issues. For instance starting VSCode in a folder will not automatically load the workspace file. This can be annoying if you have a workspace file in the folder and you want to open it directly.

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Run Hugo server when VSCode opens a workspace

I recently realised that every time I opened a certain project, I was running the same sequence of actions and commands to start the Hugo server. This involved opening a terminal, navigating to the project folder, and executing npm run server.

The problem with VSCode, quote by Geoffrey Huntley

The problem with VSCode

Geoffrey Huntley writes an extensive explanation on how “Visual Studio Code is designed to fracture” and unburies some (well, expected) shadyness on the part of Microsoft. The long story short version is summarised at the end: In short, this is what Microsoft did:

Photo by Chuttersnap via Unsplash

Less Clutter in Vscode

I am one of these kind of people that install plenty of extensions and tools and experiment around in VSCode (or any other code editor I am working with). Some time ago I realised, that this lead to a slow program and many of these plugins are only useful for a limited number of projects.

Photo by Douglas Lopes via Unsplash

Autostart a development server in VSCode

Are you annoyed of the two clicks and one line command to start your development server (or development watching process) each time you open VSCode? Then I can help you ;] I recently and finally got around to read through all the docs and found out that there is an easy way to do this in VSCode, via “Task configuration”.

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